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Univera Healthcare

Univera Healthcare, a non-for-profit organization, has been providing health insurance coverage to individuals, businesses, and senior citizens in western New York for nearly three decades. During that period, Univera has built a foundation of over 200,000 members – a number which testifies to the efficacy and affordability of Univera Health Plans.

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 Having a wide array of health care options is always a priority. Univera members have access to over 50,000 pharmacies, more than 6000 providers, and nearly all hospitals in the region – all of this at rates that won’t break the bank. In fact, Univera Healthcare, in striving to better the well-being of the whole community, puts special emphasis on those members of the population who are not insured due to financial or medical problems. So matter what kind of coverage a consumer needs, Univera probably has a health insurance plan to suit you: HMO, PPO, Medicare, Dental, and Managed Care plans are all available.

Univera has continued to exhibit its commitment to the community by creating, in conjunction with Kalieda Health and Erie County Medical Center, an organization called Univera Community Health. Otherwise referred to as UCH, this organization backs three programs: PlusMed, a Medicaid Plan designed to serve senior citizens, as well as Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus, both of which are family-oriented managed care plans. 

In the end, Univera seeks to provide quality, cost-effective health care to everyone who needs it, and in doing so, they can pride themselves on bettering the health, and therefore happiness, of western New York.

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Available Univera Healthcare Plans


  • Univera 4Front
  • Univera PPO HSA

Managed Care:

  • Univera Value
  • Univera Value Plus
  • Univera Solutions
  • Univera Preferred
  • Healthy New York
  • Child Health Plus
  • Family Health Plus
  • PlusMed
  • 504 Direct Pay

Senior Health Plans:

  • Univera Medicare PPO
  • SeniorChoice

Medicare Beneficiary Plans:

  • Univera Medicare PPO Plan 103
  • Univera Medicare PPO Plan 102
  • SeniorChoice Select
  • SeniorChoice Value
  • SeniorChoice Secure

Indemnity Plans:

  • Univera Traditional
  • Univera Transitions
  • Univera POS
  • Univera PPO
Get Quotes from Leading Carriers Nationwide Are you over 64?


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