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This summary of the regulations which apply to health insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia is intended to be an aid to you when purchasing insurance. We want our information to be direct and uncomplicated, while remaining as accurate as possible. For further clarifications, always refer to your state’s Department of Insurance.

There are certain coverages which are available to everyone, no matter which state in which you live. COBRA is a regulation enacted into law in 1985 which ensures a continuation of your group health coverage when your employee group is 20 or more and when you leave your job. It can also help your dependents with their health insurance when they qualify.

Although the premium is due out of your pocket, it provides for continuous group health insurance for a prescribed length of time. Questions dealing with COBRA are better directed to your employer. HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is another federal law which helps those with health problems purchase health insurance coverage. Here, the states are allowed to modify the law so there are many variances among the states on its application.

To be totally knowledgeable, you will need to call the Department of Insurance of the state in which you live. They will provide the list of eligibilities and apply them for the type of insurance you need. (Follow our links to the appropriate state page to get contact information for that state's Department of Insurance.)

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In most states, when you leave a job with a group health plan that is fully insured, you can apply for a conversion policy. It is again recommended that you contact your state’s Department of Insurance for qualifications and regulations that may relate to you and your needs.

Each state has special considerations under group health insurance that are given to newborn, adopted, disabled, and sometimes grandchildren of the group member, provided there is dependent coverage in the plan. For information about these coverages, you are encouraged to contact your employer for details.


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