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Self-Directed Health Plans (SDHP)

A self directed health plan (SDHP) combines the features of a PPO-based plan with the added feature of a Self Directed Account (SDA). The SDA is funded with a maximum quarterly allowance and yearly balance to use for certain types of routine or preventive care services. Unused funds roll over to next year, allowing enrollees to save for health care expenses.

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What are my options?

SignatureFreedom, the self directed health plan from PacifiCare, for instance, gives an allowance of $1,000 per year ($250 per quarter) in a Self Directed Account (SDA). It can be used for certain types of preventative care services, including:

  • Consultations
  • Physical Exams
  • Well Baby
  • Well Woman
  • Physician Home and Office Visits
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Immunizations
  • Office Radiology

If you don't use the entire $1,000 in your SDA each year, the remaining funds will be rolled over to use the next year and the year after that, allowing you to build a savings for health care expenses.


Is a SDHP the plan for me?

If you don't go to the doctor that often, a plan like this might be just right for you. It's affordable, so you're not overpaying for services you'll never use, yet your SDA allows you to get the preventative care you need to stay healthy.

High deductibles mean that if you need medical care that isn't covered by your SDA, like inpatient surgery or emergency room visits, your plan will cover what's left once you pay the deductible. Pharmacy benefits entitle you to prescription drug coverage.

What's more is that you can see any doctor you want. But if you want to be rewarded with lower costs, you can choose a provider from the approved PPO network.

Get Quotes from Leading Carriers Nationwide Are you over 64?