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Types of Health Insurance Plans

There are a few types of plans for consideration, including: PPO Plans, POS Plans, EPO Plans, HMO Plans, High Deductible Plans, Health Savings Accounts, Self-Directed Health Plans, Prescription Plans and Discount Plans.

A main thing to remember is that the flexibility of health plans increases as the cost of such plans increases. That means you pay more, but you have access to providers of your choosing, and are not as constrained to a list of doctors within your plan, in a specific geographic coverage location.

Likewise, as you cut costs, you tend to cut flexibility. In general, an HMO plan is least expensive, but it is also least flexible. A POS plan is moderately expensive, and also moderately flexible. A PPO plan is more expensive, and more flexible.

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A different way of looking at your health plan options is to consider setting money aside in a special Health Savings Account, or to have a declining balance for medical needs with a Self-Directed Health Plan.

Prescription plans are add-ons that help cover the cost of medication. Discount plans aren't actual health insurance plans, but they can help save you money when paying medical fees.

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