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PacifiCare Health Systems

Dedicated to making people's lives better, PacifiCare Health Systems is one of the nation's largest health care services companies. Primary operations include health insurance products for Individual and Families, employer groups, and Medicare beneficiaries in eight states and Guam, serving approximately 3.7 million members. Other specialty products and operations include behavioral health services, life and health insurance, dental and vision services and pharmacy benefit and medical management.

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PacifiCare offers a wide range of products and services to support customers from every area of life, with every level of need. While plan specifics vary from state to state, the following are the main health products that PacifiCare provides:

PacifiCare SignatureValueSM HMO: This plan places an emphasis on the quality of care provided to each member, placing a key focus on prevention and general wellness. Customers have a direct connection with primary care physicians (PCPs), and build the strongest relationship with their doctors under this option.

PacifiCare SignaturePOSSM POS: The Point-of-Service option provides maximum flexibility to PacifiCare's customers, providing HMO savings coupled with the freedom to adopt either an in-network or out-of-network approach to healthcare.

PacifiCare SignatureOptionsSM PPO: PPO plans provide the largest amount of freedom in choosing a physician, as customers may see any participating physician or specialist without any additional cost. Members may also see out-of-network doctors, but at a higher out-of-pocket expense.

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PacifiCare SignatureIndependenceSM Indemnity: PacifiCare also provides a standard Indemnity plan, to allow members the freedom to see any doctor or specialist without a referral. Indemnity plan members must meet an annual deductible for coverage.

PacifiCare SignatureFreedomSM SDHP: PacifiCare's Self-Directed Health Plans are PPO based to allow access to the widest physician network possible, and the freedom of a Self-Directed Account (SDA). This SDA acts as an 'allowance' to be used at the member's discretion, for preventative health services such as doctor's visits and covered exams.

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