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Oklahoma Health Insurance (OK)

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Health Insurance Providers in Oklahoma (OK)

American Medical Security
Assurant Health (formerly Fortis)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma
Fairmont Specialty Group
Golden Rule
Security Life

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Individual Health Insurance in Oklahoma (OK)

The regulations are different for individual health policies. Insurers are not required to accept your application if you have a medical problem. When you have a pre-existing condition, individual insurers can attach elimination riders to the policy. Also, they can impose an exclusion period; but in Oklahoma, there are no set time limitations for these exclusion periods, no specific definition of a pre-existing condition, and no creditable coverages. Pregnancy can be considered a pre-existing condition in Oklahoma. There are no limitations on costs of an individual policy, nor on increases at the time of renewals. However, your insurance cannot be cancelled if you get sick.

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Group Health Insurance in Oklahoma (OK)

When you are eligible for group health insurance coverage, you cannot be refused or charged more due to a health problem. Certain life changes dealing with children, marriage, family problems, or job loss will allow you extra opportunities for group coverage. If you have a pre-existing condition, insurance companies can require an exclusion period of no longer than 12 months and can look back over your medical history for the six months prior to your new coverage. HMOs in Oklahoma are not allowed to impose exclusion periods. If you have had no lapse of coverage for 63 days or more, you are entitled to credit toward the exclusion period. There is a small list of state governments which have elected to remove certain protections from the employee group coverage; contact your employer for possible inclusion.

Small Business Health Insurance in Oklahoma (OK)

Small businesses with two to 50 employees cannot be refused small group health insurance. For these small groups, there are limitations on the cost of the premium. Your insurance cannot be cancelled due to illness of your employee group.

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Self-Employed Health Insurance in Oklahoma (OK)

Self-employed are not allowed to buy group insurance. Affiliation through a business or professional association for the purpose of acquiring group health insurance should be checked with the Oklahoma Department of Insurance.

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Oklahoma Department of Insurance
P.O. Box 53408
Oklahoma City, OK 73152
(405) 521-2686

Oklahoma Programs (OK)

For those who are HIPAA eligible, you can buy insurance from Oklahoma Health Insurance High Risk Pool. Medicaid is available for low income individuals and families. Soonercare or Oklahoma’s Children’s Health Insurance Program provides assistance to children who are 19 years and younger. Take Charge provides free screening for qualified women also.


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