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North Carolina Health Insurance (NC)

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Health Insurance Providers in North Carolina (NC)

American Medical Security
Assurant Health (formerly Fortis)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
Health Plan Administrators, Inc.

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Individual Health Insurance in North Carolina (NC)

Individual health insurance can be denied to you because of a health problem by all individual insurers except Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina which must guarantee individual coverage. For HIPAA eligible people, insurance companies are required to offer two plans with good benefits and cannot impose exclusion periods; however, there are no limits put on the cost of the policy. In regard to pre-existing conditions, insurers are allowed to attach elimination riders. They can also impose exclusion periods of 12 month maximum length. In addition, any claims made in the first 24 months of coverage will allow the insurer to look back into the 12 months prior to coverage for pre-existing conditions related to the claim. If one is found through objective standards, they can refuse to pay the claim. There are no limits on the cost of an individual policy or on renewals. However, it cannot be cancelled due to illness.

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Group Health Insurance in North Carolina (NC)

Group health insurance regulations in North Carolina provide that if you are qualified you cannot be refused or charged more because of a medical problem. Due to life changes dealing with children, marriage, family problems or job loss, you may be due extra opportunities for group coverage. There are special rules governing dependent and disabled children in North Carolina. A new employer may wait before offering group insurance coverage; a new HMO may require an affiliation period. Insurance companies are allowed a look back time of six months prior to coverage in which they can review your medical history for pre-existing conditions. There is a maximum time limit of 12 months whereby the condition will be excluded from coverage. Without a lapse of more than 63 days, your prior insurance can count as credit toward the exclusion period.

Small Business Health Insurance in North Carolina (NC)

Small businesses which employ two to 50 employees cannot be turned down for small group health insurance, nor can the insurance be cancelled due to illness within the group. Small employers are protected from wide variances in the cost of the premiums. Standardized plans are offered to small businesses. A small business with fewer than 50 employees is allowed to join a statewide purchasing pool for group health insurance. For additional regulations governing professional associations with group health coverage, contact the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

North Carolina Department of Insurance
P.O. Box 26387
Raleigh, NC 27611
(919) 733-2032

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Self-Employed Health Insurance in North Carolina (NC)

Self-employed individuals, who can prove their sole proprietorship, can buy the standard or the basic plans offered for small group health insurance. In addition, a household employee, for whom you are buying insurance, will help prove you are a group of one and require insurers to provide standard and basic policies, although the companies may deny other types of group coverage.

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North Carolina Programs (NC)

Medicaid, Health Choice for Children, and Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program are some of the assistance programs in North Carolina.

Health Insurance in North Carolina Cities (NC)

Learn more about health insurance (including medical facility details) in Asheville, Charlotte, Durham, Fayetteville, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem.

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