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New York Health Insurance (NY)

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Health Insurance Providers in New York (NY)

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
Health Net
HIP Health Plan of New York
Oxford Health Plans

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Individual Health Insurance in New York (NY)

The rules in New York for individual insurance are different than in many other states. In New York, insurers are not allowed to turn you down for coverage because of a health problem. There is also a requirement that insurers offer family coverage also. HIPAA eligible individuals have the same rights to individual insurance. There are specific rules governing HMOs and POSs in the State of New York. Due to illness, your insurance cannot be cancelled. When buying an individual policy with a pre-existing condition, the maximum exclusion period for the condition is 12 months, with the insurance company given the opportunity to check your medical history for six months prior to coverage. Elimination riders are not allowed. Pregnancy can be considered a pre-existing condition, but it can only be excluded for 10 months. Individual insurance allows for credit to be given for an exclusion period of a pre-existing condition, provided there has not been a prior break in coverage of more than 63 days. The cost of premiums is determined by community rating. If you should get sick, your insurance cannot be cancelled.

Self-Employed Health Insurance in New York (NY)

Self-employed individuals are allowed small group health insurance in New York.

Group Health Insurance in New York (NY)

New York regulations concerning group health insurance provide that a qualified person cannot be refused or charged more because of a health condition. When there are life changes dealing with marriage, children, family problems, or job loss, you may be able to have additional opportunities for group insurance. There are special considerations for newborn or adopted, disabled, or full-time student children in the State of New York. A new employer may require a waiting period before offering group insurance, and a new HMO may also require an affiliation period. When applying for new insurance, insurance companies can look back for pre-existing conditions at the six months prior to new coverage. If you have a pre-existing condition, the insurance company can require an exclusion period of no more than six months under normal conditions. If you have maintained continuous coverage, with no breaks of more than 63 days, you are entitled to creditable coverage.

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Small Business Health Insurance in New York (NY)

Small employers of two to 50 employees cannot be refused small group health insurance, nor can insurance be cancelled due to illness in the employee group. Healthy New York is a program whereby small businesses with low income employees are able to buy group insurance. Community rating determines the premiums of small businesses. A small business with two to 50 employees, and in only certain areas of the state (Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk Counties, Five Boroughs of New York City), is allowed to join a purchasing pool for the purpose of group health insurance coverage. It is best to contact the New York Department of Insurance for regulations governing associations that have group health coverage availability.

New York Department of Insurance
Empire State Plaza, Building No. 1
Albany, NY 12257
(518) 474-6600

New York Programs (NY)

Medicaid, Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus, Healthy New York, and Cancer Services Program Partnership are some of the programs available to residents with low to moderate incomes.

Health Insurance in New York Cities (NY)

Learn more about health insurance (including medical facility details) in New York City, NY.

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