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Kentucky Health Insurance (KY)

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Health Insurance Providers in Kentucky (KY)

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kentucky
Assurant Health (formerly Fortis)
Fairmont Specialty Group
Security Life

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Individual Health Insurance in Kentucky (KY)

As with most states, the rules for individual health insurance vary. If you have a medical problem, the insurance companies can turn down your application for an individual health policy. Kentucky applies several rules about the types of insurance plans which are available in the state: each one must be a standard health plan; the types offered can be indemnity, HMOs and PPOs; insurers may also have customized plans to offer. If you have a pre-existing condition, the insurance company can impose an exclusion period of no more than 12 months. With continuous health coverage prior to the new policy, you can use it as credit toward the exclusion period. In addition, no exclusion riders on pre-existing conditions are allowed in Kentucky. Your individual policy cannot be cancelled due to your illness, but the premiums can increase at the time of renewal with small limitations. Conversion policies will be available if you qualify.

Group Health Insurance in Kentucky (KY)

The Kentucky regulations governing group health insurance render that you cannot be turned down for group insurance due to a health problem, provided you qualify for group insurance. Changes in life situations can sometimes allow you added enrollment opportunities for group health coverages. A job with a new employer may have you wait for health coverage, and an HMO may also have you wait in what is called an affiliation period. The insurance company can check your medical records for a pre-existing condition for the prior six months only. If you do have a pre-existing condition, the new group insurance can exclude it from coverage for only the first 12 months under regular conditions. If you have had no lapse of health coverage for more than 63 days, your prior insurance can be used as a credit for the exclusion period.

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Small Business Health Insurance in Kentucky (KY)

Small businesses with two to 50 employees cannot be turned down for small group health insurance. It cannot be cancelled due to the illness of members of the group, nor can you be charged higher premiums. Under choice of plans, all insurance companies must offer a standardized health plan, as well as other insured health plans.

Self-Employed Health Insurance in Kentucky (KY)

Self-employed individuals are not allowed to buy group health insurance. For rules governing your affiliation with a professional association for the purpose of group health insurance, please contact the Kentucky Department of Insurance.

Kentucky Department of Insurance
215 W. Main Street
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-3630

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Kentucky Programs (KY)

For people with expensive health problems, Kentucky Access insurance is available if they qualify. Financial assistance is provided through several programs: Medicaid, Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program, Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program.

Health Insurance in Kentucky Cities (KY)

Learn more about health insurance (including medical facility details) in Bowling Green, Lexington, and Louisville.


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