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Kaiser Permanente of California (Kaiser CA)

Kaiser Permanente of California
1 Kaiser Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612

Kaiser Permanente is the nation’s largest and most respected (not-for-profit) Health Management Organization (HMO) and it all started in California. No wonder Kaiser of California is able to offer its member such dependable service at such an affordable price.

The Kaiser philosophy focuses on helping members stay healthy rather than just treating them when they’re ill. This translates into an emphasis on preventive care and support services.

Each member chooses her or his own doctor from Kaiser’s extensive network. You and your doctor work together over time to make the best health choices.

Kaiser of California offers straight-forward, easy-to-understand health plans:

Individual & Family Plans

Deductible Plans – Best if you don’t often need a doctor but wish to cover large health expenses. Available in two ranges:
• $1,500 deductible - Lowest rate
• $250 deductible – Moderate rate

Copayment Plans – Handy for families with small children or others who makes regular doctor’s visits. The size of copayment determines your rate:
• $50 Copayment
• $25 Copayment

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Small Business Plans

Kaiser offers the following options for employers:

Deductible Plans
Copayment Plans
Out-of-area PPO plan – for those outside the Kaiser service area
Added Choice® POS plan – for added freedom in choice of doctor

Senior Advantage Plans significantly expand Medicare coverage by adding preventive care and other services while reducing paperwork.

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