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Focusing on care for Medicare Advantage recipients, HealthSpring serves the states of Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Illinois, and Mississippi. HealthSpring is based in Nashville, Tennessee and has been operating for over twenty years.
Benefits from HealthSpring’s Medicare Advantage Plan include:

  • Transportation to your pharmacy or physician’s office
  • Fitness center membership
  • Additional preventive care coverage
  • Prescription drug coverage

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HealthSpring also provides small business employee benefit packages. With a wide selection of copay and deductible options, HealthSpring can help you make sure that your employee’s needs are met with managed care coverage. In addition their comprehensive healthcare package, HealthSpring’s employee benefit plans include:

  • Chiropractic Services
  • Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Vision Coverage

Employees will select a Primary Care Physician who then provides referrals to necessary specialists within the managed care network.

HealthSpring provides quality care at affordable prices. With their Life Enhancement Program, HealthSpring has taken significant steps to ensure for the emotional as well as physical care of their patients.

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