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Hawaii Health Insurance (HI)

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Health Insurance Providers in Hawaii (HI)

Kaiser Permanente
Security Life

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Individual Health Insurance in Hawaii (HI)

An individual health policy is guaranteed to anyone who is HIPAA eligible. If you are not HIPAA eligible, insurance companies can turn down your application for insurance and there are no limitations on how much they can charge for an individual policy. If you are not HIPAA eligible, your pre-existing condition can be excluded from insurance permanently through the use of an exclusion rider. Because there is no explanation of a pre-existing condition in Hawaii law in regards to individual health insurance, the terms for exclusion periods are vague. Most companies impose an exclusion period of no longer than three years. Pregnancy can be considered a pre-existing condition. Individual policies can cost more if you have a health problem, but your insurance cannot be cancelled if you become sick.

Group Health Insurance in Hawaii (HI)

If an employee works 20 or more hours a week, after the fourth week in the position, his/her employer is required to offer group health insurance through an approved plan and pay at least half the premium. If a person has a pre-existing condition, insurance companies are not allowed to exclude it from group coverage in the beginning, as is the case in many other states.

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Small Business Health Insurance in Hawaii (HI)

Small employers applying for group health insurance cannot be turned down due to the health of someone in their employ. There are no limits put on the premiums for group health insurance bought by small employers. When time for renewal, your insurance cannot be cancelled due to the illness of someone in your group. Pre-paid group health plans must be offered to each small employer.

Self-Employed Health Insurance in Hawaii (HI)

The self-employed in Hawaii are not allowed to buy a group insurance plan. For regulations governing professional associations with group health coverage availability, it is recommended you contact the Hawaii Insurance Division.

State of Hawaii Insurance Division
PO Box 3614
Honolulu, HI 96811
(808) 586-2806

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Hawaii Programs (HI)

There is a Medicaid program available in Hawaii for low income individuals. There is also the Hawaii QUEST program that helps with the medical needs of people who cannot afford insurance, although the program can become full and will then not accept new applications. There are several other programs which help with medical needs in the state.

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