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Golden Rule Insurance Company (Golden Rule)

Americans have been depending on Golden Rule Insurance Company for over 60 years, and Golden Rule has rewarded them with three great plan choices and new Saver plans.

Types of Health Coverage Offered by Golden Rule

Golden Rule offers three flexible health care plans. Their Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans combine network discounts, tax advantaged savings account, and a low cost/ high deductible health insurance plan. The High Deductible Plans may be an excellent choice for those interested in lower premiums and higher responsibility for payment of health care costs. Co-pay Plans may be ideal for those who enjoy the convenience offered by the co-pay feature.

Golden Rule offers Saver Plans, too. These versions of its HSA, high-deductible and copay plans provide more limited benefits in return for lower premiums. They may be ideal for people who need coverage for the bigger expenses instead of for routine health care. These Saver Plans can also be combined with Golden Rule’s Optional Preventive Care Benefits Package. This add-on is not available for all products, however, so request additional information to find out if this option is available for your needs. Special rules apply to non-insurance products: they may be discontinued at any time, they may differ for each state, and may not be a part of the standard insurance contract.

Also available are Short Term MedicalSM and Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans. Golden Rule Insurance Company is a subsidiary of United HealthCare. (Each company is financially responsible for its own insurance products.)

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Golden Rule Company Ratings

AM Best: A or Excellent (2007)

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Golden Rule Mailing Address

712 Eleventh Street
Lawrenceville, Illinois 62439

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