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Group Health Cooperative

Group Health Cooperative is a nonprofit, consumer-ran company, and the board is elected to govern the administrations. It was established in 1947 and serves more than 574,000 members. It provides both medical insurance and care with its own facilities. Group Health Cooperative is committed to making great health care accessible and affordable.

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They offer several individual and family plans that have many deductible choices, such as: 500 Deductible Plan, 1500 Deductible Plan (Catastrophic), 2500 Deductible Plan (Catastrophic), 5000 Deductible Plan (Catastrophic), The Welcome 500 Plan, The Welcome 1500 Plan (Catastrophic) and Health Pays Health Savings Accounts plans with deductible choices.

Many plans are offered for the small, medium and large companies, and most offer low co-pays and choice of deductible, such as: Group Health Cooperative, Welcome 200 or 500, 500/80%, 1000/80%, 0/80%, Health Pays Health Savings Account’s- 1250/2500, 1500/3000, 2500/5000, Options, Options Select, Options PPO, Dental, Alliant Select and Alliant Plus.

Medicare Advantage plans offer choice of doctor, glasses and eye exams, hearing and hearing aid allowance, home health care, a dental option, prescription drug benefits and fitness programs with health club membership. (Note that non-insurance products are subject to different restrictions and availability outside of the insurance contract.)

Medicaid programs are offered for those with low-income, called Healthy Options- families, children and pregnant women get a complete medical benefit package; and Basic Health- very affordable and state-sponsored.

Coverage for State Employees (PEBB), as well as Federal Employees (FEHB), both for the active and for the retired, is also available.

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Group Health Cooperative Company Ratings

A.M. Best : B++ pd (2007)

Ratings are independent opinions based on a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of a company's financial strength, operating performance and business profile.

Group Health Cooperative Mailing Address

P.O. Box 34590
Seattle, WA 98124


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