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The Flu Shot Controversy

Winter is upon us, which means that germs and viruses are out and on the prowl.  Many people go to extra lengths in order to stay healthy during this disease ridden season.  One common preventative measure that people take is to get an annual flu shot.  However, there is new controversy around the flu shot.  Is it worth it to get a flu shot, or should you forgo it this year? Read on to find out for yourself.

What exactly does the flu shot do?

The flu shot helps make a person immune to getting influenza by giving them an injection of a dead flu virus that does not infect them with the disease, but helps strengthen their immune system from getting the disease. 

As strains of the influenza virus mutate, it is possible to get the flu after getting a flu shot

What are some benefits that the flu shot offers?

  • The flu shot can reduce your susceptibility to the disease by 25%. 
  • The flu shot is also known to decrease the number of days lost at work due to flu by 36%. 
  • The flu shot can help reduce the number of deaths due to influenza.  This factor indicates that elderly people or people in poor health may benefit from the flu shot. 
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Why are people advising against it?

  • The flu shot does contain a small amount of mercury, which can be harmful to the brain.  A study has shown that if an individual has had five consecutive flu shots, his or her chances of getting Alzheimer's disease is 10 times higher. 
  • The flu shot can also contain traces of leukemia and cancer viruses that can not be entirely removed.
  • The flu shot can also contain traces of a pork product, which many people who do not consume pork for health or religious reasons are unaware of.

Who would benefit from a flu shot?

  •  People who have serious chronic illnesses (diabetes, etc.) benefit greatly from the flu shot.

Who should forgo the flu shot?

  • People who are allergic to chicken and/or eggs should not get a flu shot as it is prepared on chicken embryo.
  • Healthier people who would survive an influenza infection with ease should investigate other ways of boosting their immune systems.


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