Dental Coverage Options

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is considered to be a very valued benefit for employee groups. Dental health often influences the overall health of the workers, and can be seen as an incentive to attract good employees. It often is not part of an individual or family health plan, as the cost of regular medical insurance is already high.

Most dental insurance is provided in a managed care type of insurance, such as a PPO. Like with physicians, dentists contract to participate with the organization. There are many variances in the plans, but most encourage preventive treatments for dental problems and treat tooth decay if present. Some other procedures, like treatment for missing teeth, sealants, and dental implants, may not be covered. The employer will determine what is provided in the dental insurance plan at the time the policy is written.

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Dental Health Maintenance Organizations

There is also another form of dental plan, called a Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) where it is common for participating families not to pay any fees for certain types of dental work. (This might not be the case for all policies. Please confirm with each organization directly.) The contracted dentists are paid a monthly fee per family, whether there is dental work performed or not.

Direct Reimbursement Dental Plan

Another dental coverage option is a dental insurance plan called fee-for-service or Direct Reimbursement (DR). Typically, under this type of dental plan, the employer pays a percentage of the employee's treatment costs and the employee is free to pick any dentist and is not influenced by the type of treatment he/she receives because of a managed dental plan.

As employers realize that dental problems can influence work performance and attendance, many businesses are opting to provide relatively inexpensive dental insurance plans for their employees.

Discount Dental Plans

Discount Dental Plans are another alternative for dental coverage that may be used as an alternative to dental insurance. These plans are designed to provide up-front discounts for many routine dental procedures. Most plans activate within three days and do not require forms or claim procedures for each procedure.

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