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Clear Choice Life & Health Insurance

Founded in 1995, Clear Choice Life & Health has been offering insurance products such as disability, life, dental and vision plans to employers throughout Montana, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. The company is a subsidiary of Clear Choice Health Plans, Inc. and offers its plans through a co-branding agreement with Companion Life Insurance Company, an industry leader. Clear Choice Life & Health is an industry leader in community-based health programming.

Affordable Health Plans for Employers and Individuals

Clear Choice Health Plans has many plans that are affordable and take into account the specific needs of providers, consumers and employers. Health plans include Medicare Advantage, commercial and individual plans, as well as administrative services available to employers and individual policy holders. The company is dedicated to developing innovative and community-based health and life insurance plans that have repeatedly awarded it community awards.

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Exceptional Quality Care Network

With a network that includes over 3,500 hospitals and more than 500,000 health professionals, Clear Choice Life & Health is able to provide the utmost quality care to its more than 40,000 insured members. By offering comprehensive health plans and excellent customer service, the company is able to provide access to top-quality doctors and health specialists throughout all the states covered within this plan.

Plan members are covered at home, school, work and while traveling in other countries. Clear Choice Health Plans has been ranked among the top 15% of all Medicare Advantage plan administrators and has developed several programs that take into account the importance of community-based programming that address health concerns.

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