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Terre Haute Health Insurance (IN)

Situated along the east bank of the Wabash River, Terre Haute's historic buildings and unique geography provide a beautiful environment for its residents. Terre Haute's calendar of community oriented annual events, such as the Annual Pioneer Village Christmas Walk, historic museums, and cultural offerings, such as the Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra, draw visitors to the area throughout the year.

Residents of Terre Haute, Indiana enjoy a diverse economy, which is supplemented by the strong medical community. In the last decades, Terre Haute has become home to some of the nation's leading specialists, healthcare facilities, and hospitals. In addition, many local health insurance companies offer affordable, yet comprehensive coverage to the residents of this beautiful city.

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Healthcare in Terre Haute, Indiana

Terre Haute's most comprehensive healthcare provider, Union Hospital Health Group, has been providing the residents of Terre Haute with quality, personalized medical care for almost 115 years.

Employing 315 physicians, Union Hospital Health Group offers treatment and care in a diverse range of medical departments. Leading the country in technologically advanced treatment, Union Hospital Health Group recently became the first hospital in Indiana to use the da Vinci S computer aided Surgical System, which significantly decreases blood loss during surgery and improves patient recovery time.

Currently undergoing a $193 million expansion project, Union Hospital Health Group is growing to include a new six-story, 575,000 square foot wing attached to the existing buildings. When completed in the summer of 2009, the expansion will include state-of-the art radiation therapy, offices for medical oncologists, and an advanced PET CT diagnostic imaging center.

The continuous leadership exemplified by the medical community in Terre Haute, IN provides a wonderful environment for local families. Obtaining comprehensive health insurance is the ultimate key in ensuring that your family receives the best medical treatment available in Terre Haute. We offer a health insurance comparison service that makes it incredibly easy for you to find the best coverage for your family - at the lowest rates available for your budget.

Medical Centers in Terre Haute, IN:

  • Union Hospital Family Medicine Center
    1513 N 6th 1/2 St, Terre Haute, IN 47807 (812) 238-7631
  • Hamilton Center Inc620 8th Ave, Terre Haute, IN 47804 (812) 231-8200
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