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Santa Monica Health Insurance (CA)

Santa Monica, California is a city which presents a unique blend of options for its residents. One who lives in the area can work in the city during the weekday and catch some rays on the beach on the weekends. This coastal city not only allows locals to earn a living but have fun while doing so. The population of this area is so generous that top-notch medical facilities are not only a nicety but a necessity. There are quite a few different hospitals and medical facilities to choose from when one lives in Santa Monica, California.

Healthcare in Santa Monica, California

One will find a few different hospitals and healthcare facilities within the Santa Monica city limits when needing medical care for one reason or another. Two of the larger medical facilities in town are Saint Johns Hospital and Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center. Both of these hospitals provide a wide variety of healthcare services for the local community and have knowledgeable doctors and staff members which can offer their medical services. In addition, many of the local hospitals provide the opportunity for locals to attend health seminars and education classes to inform them on various medical topics and promote optimal health and wellness for the community.

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Medical Centers in Santa Monica, CA:

  • Saint Johns Hospital
    1328 22nd St., Santa Monica, CA 90404; (310) 829-8157
  • Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center
    1250 16th St., Santa Monica, CA 90404; (310) 319-4765
  • Westside Internal Medicine
    1450 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90403; (310) 264-0665

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