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Birmingham, AL Health Insurance

With a 100% per capita income growth rate since 1990, Birmingham, Alabama is one of the top income growth cities in the U.S. This, however, has certain unfortunate side effects.

Almost 68,000 children in Alabama are in families that make too much money to qualify them for Medicaid, but also are not covered under any group health plans. This is a terrible thing. No Birmingham child should go uninsured — not to mention no adult.

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Birmingham Health Insurance Needs

Of adults ages 19 to 64 in Alabama, 15.4% (or about 680,000) are uninsured, according to a 2003 Alabama Department of Public Health survey. Inadequate insurance for children is only part of the larger problem of inadequate general health insurance in Birmingham.

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Medical Centers in Birmingham, AL:

  • Brookwood Medical Center
    2010 Brookwood Medical Ctr Dr, Birmingham, AL - (205) 877-1000
  • Saint Vincents Hospital
    810 Saint Vincents Dr, Birmingham, AL - (205) 939-7111

  • Trinity Medical Center
    800 Montclair Road, Birmingham, AL - (205) 592-1000
  • Carraway Methodist Medical Center
    1600 Carraway Blvd, Birmingham, AL - (205) 502-5100
  • Medical Center East
    50 Medical Park Dr E, Birmingham, AL - (205) 838-3996


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