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Chiropractic Coverage

Chiropractic services are performed by licensed practitioners who have graduated from their accredited colleges with clinical and academic training. There are no drugs or surgery used, although treatment utilizes procedures for diagnosis and therapy. Manipulation and adjustment of the spine principally include the recoil thrust and the rotational thrust. This is combined with other therapies that may deal with nutritional issues, hot or cold treatments and exercise rehabilitation.

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Chiropractic Therapy Coverage from Traditional Insurance Providers

Chiropractors contract with the network of managed care and accept the fee schedule and treatment guidelines of the managed care organization. A patient with chiropractic insurance then pays a co-payment at each visit and pays out of his/her pocket until reaching the level of the yearly deductible for the policy. At that time, the insurance company will pay the agreed-upon percentage of the chiropractor's charges.

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Chiropractic Coverage with Group Health Plans

Chiropractic coverage within health insurance can be included in group health plans. There has been an increase in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in the United States, as employees are requesting coverage and employers provide chiropractic benefits with group health insurance. Payment for services follows the same guidelines as traditional medical services.

Chiropractic Coverage with a Discount Plan

Chiropractic fees can also be covered through a discount plan, many times offered through an insurance company. With this, the patient is given a discount for chiropractic services. The patient pays the discounted charges and does not get any reimbursement from the insurance company.

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Please note that Chiropractic Coverage or Chiropractic Insurance may not be a recognized insurance product in certain states. Please refer to the approved list of the Department of Insurance in your state.


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