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More Tylenol Recalls

The well-known company Johnson & Johnson has been rather busy with the recall of several popular over-the-counter medications. Recently, the company made the announcement that it would be recalling even more Tylenol products due to a problem with the labeling.

More Than 9 Million Bottles Recalled

The McNeil Consumer Healthcare Unit is recalling more than nine million bottles of tylenolTylenol recalls
three different types of Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom medications from pharmacies and other retailers across the country. The reason for the recall is that the labels on the front of the bottles do not show that the products contain a small amount of alcohol from the ingredients that are used to add flavor to the medication.

The presence of alcohol in the product is reflected on the back labels on the bottles as well as on the product boxes. According to the company, the amount of alcohol present in medicine is less than one percent.

The health of consumers is not threatened by the problem with the labels. There is no need to worry about returning the medicine to the manufacturer, nor should you stop usage of the products that you have already purchased. A spokesperson for the company said, “Consumers don’t need to take action and can continue to take the product.”

How Johnson & Johnson To Combat This

Even though, the health of consumers who have purchased or used the recalled products is not a concern this time, this most recent incident only adds to the continuing effects of the problems that have plagued the Johnson & Johnson company of late. The company is aware that many more actions like these are likely as they continue to work to bring their manufacturing standards up to compliance as regulators keep a watchful eye on them.

The products that have been recalled are the eight-ounce Tylenol Multi-Symptom Daytime Citrus Burst, Nighttime Cool Burst and Severe Day Cool Burst. These products were made for Johnson & Johnson’s McNeil Unit by a contracted manufacture, which was not named by the company spokesperson.

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