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Health Insurance for Individuals

What to do after losing your job to continue your health care plan

If you are not sure of what to do after losing your job to continue your health care plan, do not be alarmed as you have several options. The federal government has something called COBRA coverage that extends health benefits to people who have recently lost their jobs. Under this coverage an individual can be insured for 18 to 36 months after he or she is terminated from employment.

Generally, a job is obligated to send a terminated employee a notice of COBRA eligibility. He or she has sixty days from the receipt of this notice to accept COBRA coverage and start paying the premiums.  Individuals who were terminated for misconduct may not be eligible for COBRA.

Cobra Alternatives

If for some reason COBRA coverage can not be obtained, there are other options available for obtaining coverage. If you still do not know what to do after losing your job to continue your health care plan, do not be alarmed. There are plenty private companies that offer health insurance to people in all kinds of situations. A simple search can be completed to find participating insurance brokers. These companies have various payment plans and premiums that are based on the type of plan that is selected by the patron. You could opt to select a minimum amount of coverage until you get back on your feet and change it later.

If you are in a very bad financial situation where you can not afford to pay for medical insurance, there is still yet another option available for you. Each state has its own Medicaid program. You may be eligible to receive Medicaid benefits if you have lost your job and do not have any way to pay for proper medical care. The way to apply for Medicaid is to locate the Department of Human Services in your area. You will need to either fill out an application online or go into an office to see a caseworker. There you will supply all of your income information and it will be determined if you meet eligibility requirements.

As you can see, there are many options available for a person who has just lost his or her job for continuing medical coverage. Continuous health care is not something you will have to worry about.

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