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Will Health Care Reform Be Repealed Following GOP Gains?

So Be ItHouse Republicans, who are recovering control, are taking aim at health care reform. Their ultimate goal is to dismantle or repeal legislation.

Although House Republicans have a historic and broad majority, they have challenging obstacles to overcome in order to deliver on their top campaign promise, which is to dismantle or repeal comprehensive health care reform. The Republican attack against health care is largely due to the health mandate (a requirement that individuals must purchase health insurance if they have none – or face penalties), and state health exchanges (which require states to set up health insurance marketplaces).

Health Repeal Must Make it Past the Democrat-heavy Senate

A direct repeal must make it past the Senate, which is currently controlled by the Democrats, and even more forbiddingly a Democratic president in the Oval Office, who has personally made health care reform a number one priority. Unfortunately, the Republicans do not hold the two-thirds majority that they need in both Houses in order to have the power to overthrow a veto by the president.

On the contrary, an outright repeal may very well be the first vote on the floor, following the vote for Speaker, when Congress comes together at the beginning of the next year.

GOP Speaker Boehner says Health Reform Kills Jobs

At a recent press briefing for GOP leaders, presumptive House Speaker and Republican Representative John Boehner of Ohio said, “The health-care bill that was enacted by the current Congress will kill jobs in America, ruin the best health-care system in the world, and bankrupt our country.” He went on to say, “That means that we have to do everything we can to try to repeal this bill and replace it with common-sense reforms that will bring down the cost of health insurance.”

President Barack Obama is standing his ground on the new health care law. In a recent press briefing, he said, “I’m sure this is an issue that will come up in discussions with Republican leadership, but I think we’d be misreading the election if we thought that the American people want to see us for the next two years re-litigate arguments that we had over the last two years.”

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