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BlueCross BlueShield of Texas (BCBSTX)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
1001 E. Lookout Drive
Richardson, Texas 75082

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas has believed in offering quality health care with excellent service at competitive prices since 1929. Today, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas services over 4.6 million members throughout the state of Texas (as of March 2011). With the largest network of healthcare providers in Texas, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is committed to the health and well-being of its members.

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Available Health Plans for Individuals and Families through the BCBS of Texas

  • PPO Select: This Plan offers members plans with different deductible levels. Members have the freedom to choose doctors and other health care providers from a large network. Premiums are based on the plan members choose plus other factors, including age, sex, and number of family members included.
  • PPO Select Value® CareSM: This plan is more limited than PPO Select Basic, allowing members more savings on premiums. Members are not required to meet a deductible. As with PPO Select Basic, members can choose from a large network of health care providers.
  • PPO Select® Choice:  This plan has eight sub-plans from which to choose to provide you with the best mix of benefits, deductibles, and flexibility for you and your family.  You will enjoy low co-pays for office visits.  PPO Select Choice Series III allows you to plan for today and for your family’s medical future.
  • PPO Select® Saver:  This plan has seven options so that you can pick your deductible level, get the benefits that you would like to have, and control your medical costs.
  • Select Blue Advantage: With this plan, members enjoy the benefits of a PPO plan along with the ability to choose from different deductible plans to fit you and your family’s needs. Members of these plans are eligible for several special benefits, including a choice of office visit co-pays and a prescription drug card program.
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