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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas
1133 Topeka Blvd.
Topeka, KS 66629-0001

Living in tornado alley gives Kansas residents a spark of unpredictability. They know they need to be ready for the threat of a tornado. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, which has been serving the state since the Second World War, knows what their members need: A dependable, quality insurance company with plenty of health insurance options. BCBS Kansas boasts an excellent credit rating from one of the largest carrier ratings companies in the country. They also offer residents of Kansas plenty of opportunities to choose quality health insurance.

Individual and Family Plans Available from the BCBS of Kansas

  • AffordaBlue, Comprehensive Major Medical, Shared Pay: These plans include hospitalization and well-office visits. Maternity services, accidental services and prescription drugs are also covered with a deductible. The Shared Pay plan has no deductible.
  • Basic Blue: Hospitalization and catastrophic coverage is the staple of this plan. It will not cover well-visits and other preventive services.
  • Blue Choice: This is a PPO plan that offers members flexibility in choosing their doctors and coverage limits. Basic coverage includes routine office visits, eye exams, hospitalization and accident coverage.
  • Blue by Design HSA: This HSA-compatible plan allows members to place money in a tax-advantaged account, which is drawn upon when needed. It can be used with the Comprehensive Major Medical plan.
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Other Plans Available from the BCBS of Kansas

Short-term, Small business group coverage and Medicare supplement plans are also available. For more information, please request a personalized quote.


AM Best: A (As of March 2011)

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