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Assurant Health

As a leader in the individual health insurance market, Assurant Health provides coverage to almost one million Americans through its triad of member companies (Time Insurance Company, John Alden Life Insurance Company and Union Security Insurance Company). The cornerstone of all Assurant plans is a focus on consumer choice. In fact, Assurant was one of the first health insurers to offer the increasingly popular Health Savings Account and continues to provide individual medical, small business health insurance, and short-term health plans through its wide network of 200,000+ local agents (as of 2009).

With an Assurant Health plan, you can count on quality and dependability. Assurant has been in business since 1892, providing innovative health policies for generations of Americans.

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Assurant Health Coverage Options

The basic types of Assurant plans are detailed below. Plans may vary by state, so it's a good idea to request a personalized quote to confirm availability.

Individual Assurant Health Plans

These are plans for individuals or families. Plan options include:

  • Network PlansHMO and PPO-style plans offer you cost savings by using a network of doctors and hospitals to meet your needs.
  • Traditional Indemnity Plans – If it's important to you to choose your own doctor or if you live outside a network area, these plans may suit you.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) plans – Combining a high-deductible plan with a tax-sheltered Health Savings Account, this plan gives you maximum control over your healthcare spending.
  • Student Select – A specialty product designed for undergraduate and graduate college students. Student Select is an excellent alternative to a college-sponsored plan and a great way to cover students if their coverage is no longer provided through a parent's plan.
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Assurant Health Small Group Plans

Small Group Plans are for employers with 2-50 employees. Assurant offers the following:

  • Consumer Choice Plans – Help your employees save for their own health care while covering big expenses. These plans include the tax-friendly Health Savings Account and Health Reimbursement Account options.
  • Major Medical – A great way to attract and keep valued employees.
  • Self-Funded Products – With Assurant Health's self-funded products, you fund your group's claim expenses, up to a set amount. If your actual expenses end up being less, then you may keep the savings or apply it toward the following year's health contributions.
  • Ancillary Products – Assurant Health also offers an array of dental, short-term disability and life insurance products.

Assurant Mailing Address

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