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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio (BCBS OH)

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio offers members excellent health care insurance with an emphasis on education and prevention. Anthem provides a website dedicated to informative health and wellness articles and newsletters to increase members’ knowledge of health care related issues in general and preventative health care in particular.

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Anthem BCBS Ohio Health Coverage Options

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio offers a variety of health care insurance plans to meet individual and family needs.

  • Blue Traditional is a fee for service plan which allows members to visit the physician, specialist, and hospital of their choice. As a member of Blue Traditional, you will have to pay deductibles and coinsurance.
  • Are you between jobs or a student? If you need a short term insurance plan for one to six months, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio can offer you Blue Short-Term so that you will not have to worry about illnesses or accidents during this “in between” time.
  • Blue Access and Blue Access Economy offer PPO, or Preferred Provider Organization, benefits with several different levels of deductibles from which to choose. Members of these plans can choose any doctor, specialist, or hospital within the organization without having to get a referral.
  • Blue Access Value is a PPO plan provides a lower premium by offering members the same inpatient hospital advantages of their other PPO policies while limiting outpatient benefits. This plan has been developed for those who would like lower health care premiums while having the ability to protect themselves and their families from catastrophic illnesses.
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Anthem Ohio Contact Information

4361 Irwin Simpson Road
Mason, OH 45040

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