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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Hampshire (BCBSNH)

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers residents of New Hampshire quality health plans. And as part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Anthem BCBS of New Hampshire is a member of a much larger farmily. In fact, one out of every three Americans enjoys the benefits of Blue Cross and Blue Shield coverage, as of March 2011.

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Anthem BCBS New Hampshire Coverage Options

  • Anthem Individual Blue Direct®: The Blue Direct health plan provides coverage for serious illnesses and accidents plus benefits for preventive care, prescription drugs and optional maternity care. Blue Direct from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem BCBS) is comprehensive coverage for every member of the family.
  • Anthem Lumenos® Health Savings Account (HSA) Anthem Lumenos® Health Savings Account (HSA) is the newest path to funding affordable health benefits. Like an IRA or 401(k), the employee owns the HSA and it stays with the employee if there is a job change. The account is built with pre-tax dollars.
  • Blue Choice® New England: Blue Choice New England is an HMO offering that has primary providers in several states, for employers that have employees scattered across New England
  • HMO Blue® New England: The HMO Blue New England is the primary HMO offered by Anthem.
  • Blue Choice® Two-Tier: Blue Choice Two Tier is a Point of Service (POS) program with fixed co-pays for in-network physicians and the ability to self-refer
  • Preferred Blue®: Preferred Blue is the Anthem PPO plan.
  • Blue Choice® Three-Tier: Blue Choice Three Tier is a POS program with three care options for the member.
  • Indemnity (Comprehensive): Indemnity is a traditional care plan that allows the member to freely choose his providers
  • Medicare Supplementary Coverage (MediComp): People look for different features in a Medicare supplemental plan. That's why they offer a choice of seven different Medicomp plans to meet almost any need. The options allow you to choose the coverage that will be most beneficial to you. 
  • Temporary Health Coverage: Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Hampshire offers a Temporary Health Benefit Program for individuals and families.

Anthem New Hampshire Contact Information

3000 Goffs Falls Rd.
Manchester, NH 03111-0001

Independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.
® Registered marks Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

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