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Ameritas Life Insurance Corp

The Ameritas Group health insurance plan is one of the nation's top providers of quality, affordable dental and vision care services.  Serving more than 41,000 employer groups with over 3.5 million members insured nationwide, Ameritas Group consistently earns the highest independent ratings for financial strength and stability. The A.M. Best rating for this company is A (Excellent) placing it within the top 5 of Best's independent rankings for insurance providers. The plan is available throughout all 50 states with nearly 80,000 health care providers within the service network of the plan. 

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Customer Care for Health Plan Members

HealthPlan Services – the marketing administer of Ameritas Group – is one of the leading managed health care providers in the nation, providing distribution and enrollment services as well as administration and risk-management services to the plan and its members. Plan members can access details about their plan through online resource links at the company website. This allows plan members to have immediate access to details of their personal health care within the framework of the plan.

A Health Plan for Everyone

Ameritas Group plans are available for both individuals looking to have comprehensive health care and for members of their families who need a more diverse range of health care services. Because not everyone needs the same level of health care, Ameritas Group has many plans with varying levels of quality coverage. By having agents in all 50 states, the company can quickly and easily address any questions or concerns that their members may have about their health insurance plans.

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