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American Medical Security Life Insurance Company

American Medical Security, Inc. and United Wisconsin Life Insurance Company have become one company, American Medical Security Life Insurance Company (AMS). AMS markets health care benefits and insurance products to small businesses, families and individuals. The company serves customers nationwide through relationships with professional, independent agents and quality health care providers.

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AMS is available for Taxpayers Network Inc. (TNI) members only, in all marketed states, except Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Virginia. AMS is authorized to collect TNI's monthly dues, which will be billed with premium.

AMS Health Coverage Options

  • MedOne Plus allows individuals to choose an insurance plan to meet one’s needs and budget. It gives individuals the flexibility to select benefits to fit one’s needs and allows individuals to choose co-payment and deductible levels.
  • MedOne Security features low premiums, higher popular deductibles, coinsurance options, and facility co-pay.
  • MedOne HSA Savings qualifies as a high deductible health plan that can be used with or without a tax-deductible federal health savings account.
  • Short-Term Medical Insurance (STP) provides individuals with choice of length of coverage from 30 to 180 days.
  • Signature Freedom Group Self Directed Health Plan (SDHP) combines consumer-directed health care with traditional health insurance. It combines a self directed account (office visits, physical exams, immunizations, preventive care, and more are eligible for payment) with a PPO health insurance plan (pays benefits the same as other health insurance plans that use a PPO and includes three-tier co-pay benefit for prescription drugs); funds roll over year after year.
  • With Group DentalChoice you may select from two dental insurance plan designs and see any dentist with no waiting period for preventive and basic dental benefits. Vision insurance benefits are also available at additional cost.
  • MedOne Dental is available with MedOne Medical Insurance. Plan members may see any dentist with no waiting period for preventive dental benefits; other coverage is available for major services.
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